New Things

So, here I am.  Sitting in my office, learning all the different ways that people communicate and how behind I am.  I now have a Twitter account, Facebook, and something else on my phone, all of which connects me instantly to everything and everyone it seems.  Here I am blogging so as to help me communicate with everyone better also.

We are in a new city, new job, new people, new expectations, new house, new new new.  At moments it seems to come crashing in all at once in a huge tidal wave of chaos as I try to get my bearings and take care of my responsibilities, the newness of everything.  Its exciting experiencing the new, but as our house comes together, routines get into place, and a groove is found, the world seems to stop spinning for a moment to let us take a breath.

This makes me reflect.  Oh, the excitement and the electricity in the air, when something is new!  From cars, to gifts, to infants, to dare I say, our relationship with Christ?  Dr. Brand, a pastor and professor of mine from Seminary used to say that, “The problem with life, is that it is so daily.”  The routine, the monotony, the daily grind crushes the new into a powder of dusty tedium.

We need life to be breathed into the dust to make it come alive once again.  This is where the power of the Holy Spirit renews us.  Through prayer, worship, and meditation on God’s Word, the Saints before us, around us, and after us will experience the infusing life the Spirit breaths into us from the resurrected Christ.

The resurrected Christ!  What life and power in the face of a defeated and powerless Death!  Meditate on the victory Jesus claimed and won!  How this has been applied to YOU through faith.  Let this knowledge manifest itself in your life as you go to school, work, as you hang out with friends, enemies, family.  Love the unlovable, a radically different mentality than what is around you. Watch the response!  See how the Spirit will breath life into you once again and use you to be the instrument in which life will be breathed into others.  New life.  From cobwebs, grey, dusty bones, to vibrant, colorful, new life!

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