We have been studying through the Gospel according to Mark on Wed nights.  Through Mark’s account we are being challenged to compare three different interpretations of Jesus: what does the culture say, what do we say, and what does Mark say concerning the person of Jesus.  The question then arises, whose word do we accept as true?  Will we accept what the culture says (majority rule)?  Will we accept what we say and experience (subjective)?  Will we accept what Mark says (objective)?  Or, will we have a hodgepodge of belief concerning who Jesus is?

Mark’s plea is that we will believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Christ, the very Son of God (vs.1).  Then, he goes about giving us his account (a record of Peter’s account, we believe) to show us why this claim is true.  Will we believe him?  Join us on Wed night as we go through this gospel and learn more about who Jesus was and what went on during his life.

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