Family Laughs

Last night during dinner, after the three-ring-circus of getting the boys’ hands washed, dried, getting them to sit down, and making sure no one and nothing was missed during meal-time prayer, we each took time to talk about our day.  It was during these conversations that I asked my youngest if he would share with the rest of the family what we had picked out for dessert.  His eyes glazed over as he seemed to journey back into another age.  Immediately upon this reflection, his hand went to his chin as he seemed to stroke a non-existent beard.  He said, “hmmmmm…”, then with genuine earnestness, proclaimed the prize of his brief meditation, “I don’t remember.”  We all burst out into laughter.  After waiting for a more thoughtful response, it was so funny to have such a reply.  We all took turns during the rest of the evening making sure we stroked our beards and thought profoundly about questions asked of us.

As Cindy and I reflected on his behavior, she assured me that he was just being like his daddy.  I was thinking about her insistence that I was the model for this behavior, and had to lower my hand from stroking my non-existent beard to inform her that assuredly she was wrong, just in time to “eat my own words.”

Chuckling about the episode today, my thoughts swirled toward the Father.  “You therefore be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”  My son gets some of his behaviors from spending time with his daddy.  By watching, talking, listening, and experiencing life together, he learns what his daddy is like and desires so much to be like his imperfect father.

God, let me look to you, listen to you, talk to you, experience life with you, and know you, that I might be more like you.  You made yourself into a man.  Oh, that I would look to your Son, Jesus.  I want to be like him.

As I stroke my non-existent beard, God draw my heart and thoughts to your Word, that my life would draw others into knowing who my Father is.


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