A Father’s Joy

The fall colors seem to explode with vibrancy, clothed in a gray sky backdrop.  Autumn commands your attention with such a setting, especially with an icy wind breathing down your neck.  The cherry on top, is reading a vivid poem about an autumn day in England, while your children laugh and play after a week of sibling rivalry wars.

Ah, the serenity and peace.  The low rock wall retainer provides a place to sit and observe, as well as a castle wall, a path to traverse along a cliff overlooking a roaring ocean, or a barricade to keep the dragons in their own vile land.

Today, it is a path.

I hear my oldest son say to my younger, “Alright Son, let’s go meet this new man.  Hello Sir,” he says as he walks up to me.

“‘ello” I say in my best British accent.

“This is my son, Josiah, and I am Jeremiah, what’s your name?” he says.

“The name’s Gregor,” I respond.  “What can I do for you?”

“We are trying to get into the church you’re sitting in front of.”

“The church?  Why are you going there?” Gregor asks genuinely.  What will the Father tell me?

“Well, I work there.” he says after a pause to consider this question.

“Work?  What do you do?”

“I don’t know.  I just started.  I will tell you after I am done.”

“I’ll be ‘ere.” says Gregor.

A few minutes later, the father and the son come back.  “I found out what I am doing.  I am teaching people about what God’s says.”

“Oh?  And how do you know what God says?” Gregor sincerely wants to know.

“Well.  He says, “tree” and one pops up.  Whatever God says happens,” the Father replies.

“So… whatever God says comes into being?”


“How else does God speak to us?”  Gregor is really enjoying what the Father is  saying.  “What about the Bible?  Is that God’s word to us?”

“Yes.  God has told us what he says in the Bible.  That’s what fathers do.  They teach what God says so that people will know.  Duh!”

This father was filled with humility and awe.  How gracious is my Father in heaven?  A beautiful fall day  for my outer man, and a nugget of joy for my inner man.

With a sigh of joy and contentment, Gregor returned to the house to grab some hot coffee and to share his joy.


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